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Ghostland Observatory "Vultures" Mixtape Out Now

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Ghostland Observatory LOVE & LIGHT Y'ALL


FEATURED: Ghostland’s gearing up for some live shows and also a special surprise in the works!


Ghostland Observatory’s new record “Vultures” stems from a sonic decoding of deep space radio frequencies that have been pinging off the duo’s cerebral cortex receivers for over the past year. At first, the origin of the frequency was unclear. It seemed to be coming from everywhere and yet from the same place, as does the sonic soundscape of this record. A space station mixtape filled with enough vibe to keep the light alive. So take a break from the human race and enjoy this cosmic dust storm of sound and vision. Tempered and mood enhanced for your virtual pleasure. This message is URL approved…….love and light to all y’all!


Thomas and Aaron of Ghostland Observatory are happy to officially release their new EP, “Channels,” available now on all digital platforms!

The four track record is accompanied by four new videos, all made by the band using analog equipment and found footage. This marks a new, creative and inspired period for Ghostland Observatory and the project has revitalized the duo’s creative spirit. The guys are thankful and happy to share these captured creative moments with all the fans! Much love and light to all and enjoy!


After four records and years of headlining shows across the country, Ghostland took an extended hiatus to reset and get the creativity flowing like never before. Thomas and Aaron returned wtih a bang in 2018 and invite you for a wild ride with a full tour and a fresh album.

“We worked hard on this record, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come,” Aaron says. “This is our rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes, and we have no plans to slow down. We’re stepping out of the weird simulation we’ve been in, and coming back into the world for the beginning of round two.”

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